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Are you looking for a great Reformer Pilates studio in Perth?
Does it excite you to be instructed by a skilled Health Professional who understands the ins and outs of your body and your particular challenges and limitations?
If so, you have landed in the right place!

Our health professionals are highly qualified, experienced and dedicated to providing you with the best possible Clinical Pilates in the Perth area. You will be treated with genuine care whilst performing the best exercises for your body.

What is Pilates?

Pilates is a modified form of physical exercise that was developed and is used by Health Professionals to help with rehabilitation and prevention of musculoskeletal injuries.

  • Benefits of Pilates?
  • Improved posture and core stability
  • Increased muscular strength and flexibility
  • Prevention of injuries
  • Restoration of normal movement patterns
  • Enhanced breathing control
  • Increased co-ordination and muscular control
  • Firmer and flatter stomach muscles
  • Improved overall body tone and fitness
  • Improved balance

Why Choose Lifestyle BOOM?

  • Experienced, dedicated, and caring Health Professionals
  • Modern and state-of-the-art equipment
  • Convenient location
  • Fantastic results guaranteed
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YOU are the predictor of your own future and it is our mission to make YOU happier and healthier!

We have a range of classes suited to all ages and fitness levels.

Reformer Pilates
Tone and sculpt your body with our state of the art Pilates reformers. This class is for all fitness levels, exercises can be adapted individually for you. This class is great for beginners or those wanting to tone and strengthen without getting too hot and sweaty. Reformer Pilates is great for postural correction and spinal alignment.

Power Pilates
We love to see you continually develop, grow and get great results, so if you are ready to take action and get a sweat up using our fantastic Pilates reformers then this is the class for you. Power Pilates consists of reformer exercises performed at a higher intensity with shorter rest periods. It is a fun and social class where we crank the music up and get fit together.

Better Back Pilates

Approximately 80% of Australians are believed to experience back pain at some point throughout their life. We understand how frustrating back pain can be, so we created a specific class to target, strengthen and lengthen the muscles surrounding your lumbar region. Our Better Back Pilates class works through different levels which allows us to consistently provide you with new exercises to continue challenging your body as your back gets stronger. This class also has a strong emphasis on postural correction so you will be looking taller and leaner as your progress. We recommend a minimum of 3 sessions per week to get the best results. If our Better Back class times don’t suit, simply book in for Reformer Pilates and let your instructor know so that they can tailor certain exercises to you when required.

HIIT/Surfset Fitness
Our high intensity interval training (HIIT) classes are bound to make you sweat. Introducing to Perth Surfset Fitness – where you can learn to surf without having to go into the water. The best part is that you still reap the benefits as if you were out in the ocean surfing. If you really want to shred and crank your heart rate up – this class is for you!

Mums & Bubs
Have you recently had a precious bub and want to get your pre-baby body back ASAP?
Our Mums & Bubs classes allow you to bring your bub along with you (WOW) and exercise using them for resistance. It is a fun social class where Mums can meet like minded others to share their stories, exercise and spend quality time with their babies.

Pregnancy Pilates
Pregnancy Pilates is designed to help you maintain your strength and fitness throughout your pregnancy. Our main focus is to strengthen your core and pelvic floor muscles to prevent back pain and prepare your body for the birthing process. Incorporating regular Reformer Pilates into your weekly routine provides you with more energy and strength throughout the day and also helps promote a speedier recovery following the birth of your bundle of joy.

Baby Boomer Fitness

Are you a baby boomer? This class is designed especially for you!

Our goals are to:
Increase your energy levels
Prevent Injuries and/or disease
Maintain bone and joint health
Increase your flexibility and cardiovascular fitness so that you can continue to run around with your grandchildren without experiencing shortness of breath
Increasing your performance so that you can continue participating in activities that you love
Meet new like-minded friends in a fun and social environment

Are you ready to take action circle

Clinical Pilates for Back Pain

Back pain is extremely common in Australia and around the World. Approximately 20% or four million people report back pain or disc problems in Australia. It is estimated that 80% of the population may experience back pain at some stage during their life-time. The people who have found to be at the highest risk of developing back pain are those who are overweight or physically inactive, required to sit for long periods at work, repetitive lifting and bending, and athletes who over train.

Research has also found stress and smoking place people at a higher risk of developing back pain. People who suffer from conditions such as arthritis, scoliosis, and cancer may also be at a higher risk of developing back pain. Back pain also seems to become more apparent as people get older, particularly from 30-40 years of age.

Back pain can have debilitating affects on an individual, reducing their quality of life. It common for people who suffer from back pain to become less involved at work and social activities, as well as exercise. Back pain, particularly when it is chronic can have a massive impact on an individuals life – relationships, sex life, family life, and community life. At a certain point psychological health can begin to suffer due to the back pain itself and a combination of the previous problems. The recent research indicates it essential for people who suffer from back pain to keep moving for an effective outcome. Carefully monitored exercise programs designed to correct any abnormalities in mobility, strength, and flexibility are proving to achieve the best results for people suffering from back pain.

Pilates Reformers

Pilates on the Reformer: The Machine That Makes Pilates Even More Fun

Numerous exercises and workout routines have been developed over the past century to strengthen the body and harmonize the mind. Of these exercises, only a very few have been able to attain widespread acceptance among workout enthusiasts worldwide. Pilates is one of these exercises that now boast a loyal following, along with thousands of Pilates experts providing guidance and instructions. Reformer Pilates is a form of the traditional Pilates that employs equipment-based techniques for a number of added advantages over the classical one.

Pilates was developed by Joseph Pilates during the closing periods of the First World War. In 1918, he invented Pilates while operating a fitness school in Germany. In its original form, Pilates was designed to work with the balance of the body to gain physical fitness and flexibility for the entire body. The main principle of Joseph Pilates’ new form of workout was that if you have a strong core, you have an overall stronger body and harmonious mind. By the term ‘core’, he referred to the muscles in the abdomen region of the body, as well as the muscles in the lower back areas. Originally developed for the rehabilitation of the prisoners of the war, the exercise was later picked up by other fitness trainers around the world, becoming a common method of workout for people from all walks of life.

Unlike the hardcore gymnasium workouts, Pilates is a rather slow-paced, sometimes relaxed form of exercise. The main focus is put of breathing and stretching the body to gain flexibility while building up core strength. Using resistance and endurance techniques, Pilates builds up internal fortitude for the body and eases the mind. In practice, Pilates resembles classical yoga and other mind-easing techniques in a lot of ways.

An advanced form of Pilates is the Reformer Pilates. Developed within Joseph Pilates’ lifetime, it is an equipment-based form of Pilates that works under the original principle of Pilates. Whereas traditional Pilates is performed on a mat in general without any equipment, Reformer Pilates use a certain type of device called the Pilates Reformer.

The Pilates Reformer is an instrument that is about five feet in length and two and a half feet in width. It is constructed with numerous springs embedded in it, adding extra ability to lightly bounce on it. There’s also bars and handles at the head and foot of the machines, giving the user the ability to grasp and hold on to the machine if necessary. The main working basic for the Pilates Reformer is that it builds up resistance against the body to a greater extent which makes Reformer Pilates all the more effective.

There are a number of benefits of the Reformer Pilates if you perform it on regular basis. Increased flexibility of the body and the mind is a great upside of the Reformer Pilates, as it helps the stretch the whole body, from muscles to muscle to limb to limb, giving you a thoroughly worked out body.

Reformer Pilates can also provide you with greater core strength than the regular mat can offer. In mat-based Pilates, the weight of the body itself is used to build up resistance against the body to build up endurance, which in reality has a reduced effect. However, the Reformer machine provides with added resistance against the body that in effect helps the body with better chances of building up endurance and muscle strength.

Another significant benefit of Reformer Pilates is that is help the user gain a much better and improved posture. For many people, a bad or defective posture causes a lot of pain and ache, especially in the lower back and spinal regions. If exercises on the Reformer machine are done correctly and on a regular basis, postures can be corrected to reduce chances of such aches.

Interestingly, the Reformer Pilates offers a much better chance of gaining a muscular physique than the regular Pilates. This is due to the fact that in Reformer Pilates, the exercises can be localized to build up muscles in certain areas of the body, especially the abdomen and back region, to give you a toned look.

If you are interested in taking up Pilates, or you’re already doing Pilates but never tried the reformer machine, why don’t you give it a try today to add new sparks in your routine? Call us and book yourself in – take action.

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